Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide a delivery service ?
Yes. We deliver in the city limits of Red Deer with our own floral van equipped with the proper heating and cooling, including foam transports to ensure stability from door to door. Industrial commercial parks and Red Deer County subdivisions are available for delivery call our sales staff for more information at 403-347-2280.


Are roses the only flower to send ?
Roses are the common and popular flower to send, however Floral Expressions has introduced the availability of other locally grown flowers as well as imported flowers from auction houses around the world . Our design team will use the freshest seasonal flowers to give the best value and selection, along with the best design.

How do I take care of my floral purchase/gift?
When receiving or purchasing flowers, the following tips will help insuring longevity of your florals. Transport flowers in an environment that will cause them any temperature stress.

Remove packaging and check water level in pre arranged florals. Add water if
necessary .Place florals away from direct sunlight or drafts. Water daily with
care not to overfill. Remove any damaged or wilted foliage and blooms.

Cut flower care:
1. Remove packaging and water picks
2. Prepare a vase or container
3. Clean vase with bleach and soap, rinse well
4. Fill vase or container with warm water 2/3 full
5. Cut flowers with knife or garden sheers (not scissors as they squeeze stems
before cutting)
6. Display florals out of direct sunlight and away from drafts.

Why do flowers from florist cost more?
As more florists are independent operators, they do not have the purchasing power of larger box stores or grocery chains ; therefore, we have the ability to hand select higher quality florals from auction houses and import brokers. Remember, “discount flowers give you a discount image”.

Why are flowers more expensive at holiday times?
As the flower brokers purchase flowers at auction warehouses , the rule of supply and demand is in full effect.Popular holiday florals have more demand by the consumer. Roses (Valentines Day), Gerberas (wedding weekends), spring flowers (Mother's Day) and out of season florals (winter) making the purchasing of flowers cost more to the florist as well as to the consumer.

What should I spend?
Floral Expressions recommends the following prices to insure the flowers you purchase is satisfying to your needs.
Sending to a funeral service we recommend $75.00/$100.00/$150.00/$200.00
Sending to a home or office we recommend $50.00/$75.00/$100.00/$150.00
Sending flowers for general occasions we recommend $50.00/$75.00/$100.00 and up.

Should I order something traditional or unique?
Floral Expressions excels in both designs masterfully. If you want to impress with size and bloom count, order a traditional arrangement. Our design team will use in season and value based flowers (carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies etc.) If the need is unique and different floral arrangement , our well trained sales and design team can suggest florals designed with exotic flower and greens. These designs use artistic placements using the concept of negative space for the “wow” effect.




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